Natural laws describe how many parts of the natural world work. This pages defines Natural Law Inc., in Switzerland scientific findings and explains the basis for NITT Heat application on the natural immunity.

Natural Laws Defined

Natural laws are not like laws in our society. Societal laws define conduct between human beings and are determined through governing bodies. Natural laws, on the other hand, are determined by fundamental forces within nature.

Natural laws arise from the process known as the scientific method. The scientific method is the systematic study of the natural world through experimentation and observation. This method provides scientists with a rigorous framework to objectively study the natural world. Using the scientific method, natural laws can be verified through experiments conducted by independent observers.

Many different natural laws have been described over time, but all of them have a common link. In science, a law is a concise description of a natural phenomenon. The law can be a simple statement in words well as a mathematical equation.

When natural laws are mentioned, one of the more common scientific disciplines that comes to mind is physics. Laws in physics include concepts such as Newton's law of universal gravitation. This law describes the attractive gravitational force (F) that exists between two masses (M sub 1 and M sub 2).

Another example of a natural law in physics is Ohm's law that describes the relationship between voltage (V), current (I), and resistance (R).

Natural Law Inc. applied field research and observations on flow of energy of the biological systems. i.e. meaning that the total Energy (Heat Consumption) reaction, is the same before and after the of the Endothermic vs. Exothermic reactions.

Law of Thermodynamics
The First Law of Thermodynamics is a statement of the conservation of energy; though it can be changed from one form to another, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. From the first law, a principle called Hess's Law arises. Hess’s Law states that the heat absorbed or evolved in a given reaction must always be constant and independent of the manner in which the reaction takes place. Although some intermediate reactions may be endothermic and others may be exothermic, the total heat exchange is equal to the heat exchange had the process occurred directly.

This principle is the basis for NITT temperature analysis in a biological systems, i.e. basis for natural immunity as temperature is a physical quantity that expresses hot and cold, i.e. the source of the occurrence of heat, a flow of energy, when a body is in contact with another that is colder or hotter.

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Exothermic Process
In exothermic chemical reactions, the heat that is released by the reaction takes the form of electromagnetic energy or kinetic energy of molecules. The transition of electrons from one quantum energy level to another causes light to be released. This light is equivalent in energy to the stabilization energy of the energy for the chemical reaction, i.e. the bond energy. This light that is released can be absorbed by other molecules in solution to give rise to molecular translations and rotations, which gives rise to the classical understanding of heat. In an exothermic reaction, the energy needed to start the reaction is less than the energy that is subsequently released, so there is a net release of energy.

Scientific sources;
"Social rules can be broken, but the laws of nature can’t."
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"Biological Thermodynamics"

"Exothermic Process"

Every living being regulates its force of attraction (gravity) via body temperature

The interaction of all biological systems is built around the heat field of the earth's core. On the earth's surface, every living being has its own and genetically determined typical heat in a body. In concrete terms, this means that most moving and mobile biological systems, including animals and humans, have to keep typical body temperatures of 37°C constant in order to maintain natural immunity.

Electron flow determines the temperature

In order to maintain the natural immunity of a biological system, it is of fundamental importance that the optimal flow of energy based on endo- & exothermic reactions, is keeping body temperature constant.

The natural immune system builds up day and night

Biological systems build up again and again by accelerating the flow of electrons in order to maintain their shape and structure for a long time. The mineralized cell mass is continuously renewed. Therefore, there is a natural immune system, which behaves differently at night and during the day due to differences in body temperature.

To support optimal body temperature day & night, Natural Law has developed the Mineral Frequency Technic (MFT). That's why prevention is possible and advisable at every age level.

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Due to gravity, i.e. the force of gravity in the earth's core, electrons are constantly attracted and repelled. This friction causes the melt to explode and the formation of new minerals due to the cold in the upper layers of the earth. Therefore, every cell, every bacteria and microorganism can renew itself over and over again. Therefore, bioelectricity in biological systems can be demonstrated by volt measurements.

Biological electricity should not be confused with artificially generated electricity. Biological electricity can only be produced by biological systems.

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The building blocks of every living being are made up of atoms. With the development of technology, the functions of electrons in livings have become more clearly understood. Electrons are directly involved in all kinds of biochemical processes in the cell. Especially in the cell membrane, organ membranes, namely membrane systems and facial tissues, the functions of the electron play a vital role in the maintenance of life. Electrons can be taken into the living body with elements and minerals. Elements and mineral resources are air, water and nutrients.

According to recent studies, electron concentration is very determinant in terms of survival functions. Contrary to popular belief, minerals taken in higher concentrations do not function better. With the system we have been working on for more than 15 years, we have been able to reduce the mineral contracts considerably to a certain extent. We continuously aim to optimise the flow of electrons on the fascial tissue with diluted 10-9 concentration of minerals and apply it thru different frequency levels.

Since electrons move rapidly across the fascia, thinning the mineral density is essential for regulating the flow of electrons. When the mineral density is not thinned, since the electron flow over the fascia is not regulated, various blockages occur in the body and the existing ones continue. With the regulation of electron flow in the fascia, the blockages in the fascia disappear. The person's body temperatures begin to regulate, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower body disappears as much as possible in time. This is an indication that the natural immune system is getting better at some level. With the elimination of fascia blockages; Tissue and organ performances may also be regulated over time. Since 100% organ regeneration is not possible in mammals genetically, atrophied organ size will remain constant and original size of organ regeneration should not be expected.

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